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A p.s. on History of Schoep’s Ice Cream

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on May 27, 2012

Jerry Reich and Susan Barthe, attendees of the April 21 presentation by John Thomsen on the history of Schoep’s Ice Cream, commented on this blog:

 “Enjoyed the program, and the ice cream! For about 5 years now, my wife & I have lived in the Kennedy Place apartments, just across Eastwood from Schoep’s, and from time to time we’ll observe a rainbow ending right at the factory…coincidence?–we don’t think so!”

Here is a photo they took–note the double rainbow, and the spot-on landing right in the ice cream production plant. Now that’s a “pot o’ gold”!

One of my favorite parts of John’s presentation was his child’s-eye view of the ice cream business (he’s a member of the third generation in this family-owned business). John described working in the plant over the change of shifts–which coincided with after-school for young family members–from the age of 8 or 9. His father’s generation did the same.

Responding from another childs’-eye view was an audience member who told of sneaking into the ice cream trucks (frequently left unlocked overnight) to swipe tasty ice cream under cover of darkness.

Every neighborhood needs an ice cream factory!

-Sarah White, for the East Side History Club



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