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By and for the East Side History Club, a project of the Goodman Community Center


Who is the East Side History Club?

The East Side History Club is a project of the Goodman Community Center. The club gathers memories from past and present East  Side residents, for sharing through publications and programs.

In the summer of 2006, Goodman Atwood Community Center director Becky Steinhoff encouraged local volunteers and history buffs to preserve our neighborhood history. By Fall 2006 Madison’s East Side History Club was formed.

We meet 2-3 times each year at the Goodman Community Center. Club organizers provide programs and refreshments. Participants bring their photographs, stories, and memorabilia to share. Newcomers and old-timers find common ground as we explore what we know–or wish to find out–about our community.

In 2008 we produced our first publication, An East Side Album, for the Goodman Center’s grand opening in the old Kupfer Iron Works building. Contributions from 109 East Siders past and present fill over 160 pages with photos, stories, and recipes. Proceeds from sales of the book support future projects of the club. October 2017, a second and revised edition, The East Side Album:  A Community Remembers was published.  The book is available at the Goodman Center and some local gift shops and book stores.

Summer of 2018, Ann and Sarah retired as lead organizers for the ESHC. We celebrated their long tenure and contributions at the September 2018 ESHC meeting.

You are invited to contact us at eastsidehistoryclub@gmail.com about offering a club meeting, or please join us at future club meetings.  You may find us and share more memories on Facebook’s East Side History Club group.

Support from Joan Phelan, Sarah White, and Ann Waidelich, Catherine Stephens, Jason Tish, and the Goodman Community Center.

Thank you East Siders for your interest in our neighborhood!

14 Responses to “About”

  1. monica skeat said

    We discovered that the house we recently purchased is listed with the Wisconsin HIstorical Society as a house of interest. The society had little information about the house and we were hoping that the East Side History Club might shed of light on it or point us in the right direction . It’s located at 1945 E. Washington Ave. and is cataloged by the Wis. Hist. Soc. as the Henry Williamson House.
    Thanks for your help.
    Monica Skeat

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  3. John Thomsen said

    I’m looking for old photos of the original Schoeps Ice Cream factory on the corner of Ohio and La Follette, also photos of the original grocery store owned by E J Schoephoester.

    • Ann Waidelich said

      There is a photo in the Wisconsin Historical Society’s web site for Images that shows a Schoep’s truck in front of the store/factory on Ohio Ave. taken in 1934. The image ID number is 16599. If you give me your address and/or email I can send you a photocopy of the image. You can purchase a real photo copy of the image, also. I can tell you how. They have another photo of the Schoep’s booth at the East Side Business Men’s Assoc. Festival in 1930 ID number is 20093. There is also a photo of Henry Schoephoester of Prairie du Sac taken in 1949. Is he a relative? Otherwise the East Side History Club does not have any pictures of the Schoep’s Ice Cream factory or the original grocery store.
      Ann Waidelich, 2150 Lakeland Ave., Madison 249-7920 annwaid@sbcglobal.net

  4. Virgina Farwell Zwickey said

    We would like to invite all members and friends of the East Side History Club to attend the 50th Anniversary of the Olbrich Garden Club that was formed in1962 as the Garden Center Club to promote and raise funds for a public building at the
    Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I find it fascinating as I read through historical records to recognize the journey and the realization of a dream. Virginia Farwell Zwickey RSVP 231.1632

  5. […] The East Side History Club  “The club gathers memories from past and present East  Side residents, for sharing through […]

    • Dan said

      Hello, I lived in Madison in the 1970’s. I am doing research for a film production company. They are looking for any information or pictures of a bar called the Hula Falls Inn that was located on East Washington in the late 1970’s. Pictures or descriptions of the place would be great, or any contact information for the owners, or if the current owners of the building have any relationship to the bar owners. Also apparently there was a bumper sticker that said “Follow me to the Hula Falls Inn” that was common in Madison. Any one know what that looked like? Any ideas or anyone I can contact about the bar? I’ve tried Wis State Historical Soc, Madison Library, Wis State Journal, and the Madison Facebook pages. Thanks Dan

      • James Herrick said

        I believe the Hula Falls Inn was the small neighborhood bar in the East Side Shopping Center where my father, brother-in-law to be and his father enjoyed gigantic Mai Tai drinks on September 14, 1979, the night before my sister got married. The tavern is long gone but I’m pretty certain that the location is where the Hawthorne Branch Public Library now is at 2707 East Washington Avenue. The building has been significantly remodeled. Sorry, no photos.

  6. Christen Debby Loftsgordon said

    Keep me posted on the Loftsgordon history
    And Cleo Loftsgordon was unable meeting of the old signs. Please let us know and post any old pictures of the signs.

  7. Max said


    I have a quick question about the history of Madison’s eastside and I was wondering if you could help me answer it. I have noticed along Willy St and other parts of the near eastside the five-pointed is a prominent symbol for numerous local businesses such as Star Liquor, Star Bar, Star Food Mart on the mural by at Ingersoll and Willy. Additionally, that same star features at Breese Stevens Field on the concrete plaza in front of the stadium and on its facade. Do you happen to know what the meaning of this symbol is for the eastside and what’s its origins might be? Thanks for your help!



  8. I’m getting ready to open alittle beauty shop at 1969 Winnebago Street in the old Flagstad flower shop. I heard there was a barbershop that existed in that space 30 years ago. I would love to hang a photo of the old shop in my new business. I’m wondering if any exist? I looked at the state historical website with no luck on that specific space. Any ideas?

    • darwin kleeman said

      Sorry but I have no photos. I grew up at Schenk’s Corners in the 50’s and 60’s. The shop I know was next to Foss’s Royal Blue grocery store. That should have been next to Flagstad’s. I’m pretty sure his name was Don. Don’s barber shop?? Before that or after his shop was nest to Ragetz’s shoe store on Atwood across from Schenk-Hegal store. . I think in a little quonset hut. I use to go to him all the time. He had jet black hair.

  9. Renee said

    I’ve lived in a 1921 home on Oakridge for two years, and I’d love to learn more about its history; I’ve heard the original owners rented the upstairs to people who set up a kitchen in one of the current second-floor bedroom closets, while the owners themselves used the main floor and a basement bathroom as their living space … and I’m intrigued. I’ve checked the Wisconsin Historical Society archives for photos of the home, and there are details about many of the homes around me, but none about mine. Might I learn more here?

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