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An East Side Album: Guidelines for Submissions

Now in the works: a revised, expanded second edition of An East Side Album!

Submit your stories and images to be considered for inclusion. We focus on collecting “home-made” history—the informal photographs and domestic anecdotes that reveal a side of history rarely preserved in “official” city history. YOU have this history, in your closets and attics. Share it!

Guidelines for submissions:

Length: essays up to 800 words are welcome.

 Images: If you have a photo or memento to illustrate your story, include it or tell us about it and we’ll get in touch to capture an image of it. Please…

  • Include a caption. If possible: Identify people in the photo (with maiden names of women), date and year taken (“circa” if you don’t know the exact year)
  • Include a photo credit. If you know who took the picture, give us the name. Otherwise you will be credited with “Photo courtesy of…”

Now let us hear from you! Here’s how:

Email to: sarah.white@firstpersonprod.com

Mail to: Sarah White,
50 S. Fair Oaks Avenue
Madison, WI 53714

Call us: Sarah White, 347-7329 or Ann Waidelich, 249-7920





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