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“An East Side Album”–always a work in progress

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on December 10, 2017

After we published the first edition of An East Side Album in 2007, we heard many compliments and a few corrections and omissions, too. In fact, we learned we’d overlooked a whole neighborhood that felt part of the old East Side–Eken Park, which has its own rich architectural and social history. A new chapter fills that gap in the revised East Side Album, 2nd Edition, now available at the Goodman Community Center, Olbrich Gardens gift shop, and Stone Fence shop on Atwood Avenue.

And of course, after publication of the second edition, we’ve heard about a few corrections. When you purchase a copy at one of the outlets mentioned, it should include a half-sheet like this one.

If you already have your copy of the book, feel free to print this out and tuck it inside! And if you notice any additional corrections, please call Ann Waidelich at 249-7920 or email annwaid@charter.net.

We’re all grateful to the Goodman Community Center for publishing our “community family album”!

  • Sarah White and Ann Waidelich

2 Responses to ““An East Side Album”–always a work in progress”

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  2. Leslie Schenk has reported that on page 29, the date on the photo of Plymouth Church should be 2000. Play along–mark up your copy of An East Side Album with corrections as they come to light!

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