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At November 15th meeting: “Goodman to Garver”

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on November 12, 2014

At the November meeting, in addition to enjoying “Show & Tell for Grownups,”  we’ll also help to kick off a project run by students Rebecca Summer and Garrett Nelson of the UW Geography Department and Center for the Humanities.

Rebecca and Garrett are building a website that will collect and share memories and images about the history of the East Side. One goal of the project is to get many different groups of people involved in the process of telling and preserving local history. The first phase of this project focuses on the corridor between the Goodman Community Center and the Garver Feed Mill site.

Rebecca and Garrett will be at the November meeting to get feedback on the scope of the project, and to photograph or scan objects and record stories related to “Goodman to Garver” for the website.

As you’re collecting objects for Show & Tell, please keep an eye out for objects that could help tell stories about the Garver site. If you have questions, contact Rebecca (rsummer@wisc.edu) or Garrett (ggnelson@wisc.edu).

Join us Saturday Nov. 15 from 2–4pm, Evjue D.

Here are some screenshots from the “Goodman to Garver” website:

photo 1



photo 2

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