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1947, East High Marching Band and Background: One picture, many stories

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on July 8, 2013

East HS Band

Darwin Nelson, now living in Utah but a Madison native and East High School band member (tenor sax), sent this photo of the band in 1947. Richard Schreiber was the drum major.

The photo was taken looking northwest toward the corner of North 4th Street and East Johnson Street.

The one story building on the left was the home of George Card’s candy vending machine business (2146 E. Johnson St). It became the Madison Top Company and is now the James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation meeting house.

E. Johnson St. at 4th St.

E. Johnson St. at 4th St. in 1947

George Card became blind when he lost the sight of his one good eye in a 1931 auto accident at the age of 33. He had lost the sight in his other eye at the age of 6 when one of his playmates accidentally shot him with a pellet gun.

Card graduated from the UW Law School in 1940. In addition to his vending machine business he
served as a Dane Co. Supervisor for 15 years (1957-1972), executive secretary for the Wisconsin Council of the Blind, and editor of the Braille Monitor. He died in 1982 and the funeral service was conducted by Max Gaebler of the Unitarian Society.

The commercial building (2202 East Johnson) and first house (2206 E. Johnson) to the right of North 4th Street was the business and home of Otto and Ida Ziebarth and their son Paul Ziebarth.

Their family business, Ziebarth Sheet Metal, was founded in 1926. Otto died in 1961.

Paul was a charter member of the East Side Business Men’s Association and died in 1978. The buildings were in the family until 1992.

The house is still standing but the sheet metal shop was torn down in 2011.

A Milio’s Sandwich Shop and the 4 & 20 Bakery and Cafe now occupy that location.

2146 E Johnson St.

2146 E Johnson St.


Milio's Sandwich Shop, 2202 E. Johnson St.

Milio’s Sandwich Shop, 2202 E. Johnson St. and the Zeibarth’s home, 2206 E. Johnson (partially shown).

4 and 20 Bakery, 305 N. Fourth St.

4 and 20 Bakery, 305 N. Fourth St.


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