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Do You Remember “Pup & Burger”?

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on December 31, 2011

Does anyone remember the Pup & Burger, 102 Linden Court (2100 block Winnebago St.) ??

It was there ca. 1958 and was owned by George C. Vogel Jr.

These photos came to the ESHC courtesy of Dorothy Browne Haines.

This photo of the interior of the Pup and Burger appeared in the East Side News for April 17, 1958. The caption says, “Mr. Vogel has built the restaurant in the midst of several new business buildings at the end of Linden Court.

Pups and Burgers are not the only items on the menu. Vogel also serves home made chili, baked bans and baked ham, pies, rolls, sandwiches and baked goods. Mr. Vogel has had experience serving food in the Armed Service.
He is also an experienced mason, and built the building which also houses Thysse Printing and Warren Heating.
He also built the attractive tall sign out at the edge of the street.

The customer in the photo is usually seen on the other side of the counter. He is Don Voss, Vogel’s chief assistant.

– Ann Waidelich


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