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WTDY: “There’s No Place Like Atwood Avenue”

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on December 17, 2011

Ann Waidelich met with Lindsay Adjavor of radio station WTDY in early December. “She recorded me telling about the history of the Atwood Neighborhood as part of a series of  short segments about various aspects of the neighborhood,” Ann said.

Aerial of Schenk's Corners from 1955 taken by John Newhouse, courtesy of Wisconsin Historical Society. WHi 71845

Listen to each of the five short episodes on the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood.

1. Ann Waidelich on the history of Atwood Avenue: MON. Atwood Neighborhood

2. Steve Sperling, General Manager, on the history of the Barrymore Theater: TUES. Atwood Neighborhood

3. Steve Klafka, area resident, on the “No Madison Airport” movement: WED. Atwood Neighborhood

4. Steve Klafka on neighborhood concerns about environmental pollution from Madison Kipp: THURS. Atwood Neighborhood

5. Richard Lee, Director of Development, on the Goodman Center: FRI. Atwood Neighborhood


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