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More on Garver Feed Mill’s fate…

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on November 10, 2011

Alder Brenda Konkel blogged about a discussion concerning City Planning staff’s recent report on the fate of the Garver Feed Mill at the Landmarks Commission meeting November 9th. Read her post here.
An ad-hoc group comprised of Lou Horst-Jablonski (Design Coalition, President SASYNA), John Martens (architect/developer, owner Madison Candy Kitchen landmark building), Sue Thering (UW Dept. of Landscape Architecture), Marsha Rummel (Alder, dist. 6) and yours truly representing the East Side History Club made a presentation to the Madison Parks Commission meeting Nov 9th recommending the city allow a more fine-grained, nuanced study of the building’s sustainability (considering each structural space, rather than all-or-nothing) to take place.

How about a "Garden Ruins" like this sugar mill historical site in the Caribbean for the Garver Feed Mill?

  • Identify and protect building elements while creating the vision
  • Ensure effective visioning process
  • Expertise in creative design plus preservation engineering
  • Create a volunteer advisory team, similar to CommonWealth’s process
  • Apply about $50,000 from the Mayor’s budget ($350,000 earmarked) for expert evaluation of preservation and use potential.
I spoke about the history of the area, the linkage of the rail corridor to its terminus at the Garver/Olbrich site, and the East Side pride that would bring volunteers to work on the reuse plan and support of whatever vision emerges from the process.
The East Side History Club will continue to follow this issue and report here!
-Sarah White

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