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Parade of the Species: June 25, 5:30 at Olbrich Park

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on June 20, 2011

Residents of Madison’s East Side are making new traditions–memories we’ll be meeting and reminiscing about in decades to come. Kind of fun to think about, isn’t it!

If you haven’t seen the “Parade of Species,” you owe it to yourself to come down and share some goofy, heartfelt joy.

The photos below are from 2010’s parade, the first I attended. You can bet I’ll be back next Saturday. Now, what to wear….

-Sarah White


One Response to “Parade of the Species: June 25, 5:30 at Olbrich Park”

  1. […] In the Northern Hemisphere (where I live) the Summer Solstice begins tomorrow–for me, at 1:16 P.M. CDT.  I’ll hold off celebrating until next Saturday, when you’ll find me at Madison’s own goofy Parade of Species. […]

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