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Where are we?

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on October 28, 2010

Mystery photo


David Hull brought this photo to the East Side History Club’s October meeting. We know where it was taken and what well-known landmarks are visible — but what fun would it be if we told you? Leave a comment with your best guess: what is the intersection shown? What is the building with the stacks in the foreground? What institution is visible slightly above and left of center?

3 Responses to “Where are we?”

  1. David Lunde said

    This was posted in 2010 and nobody has identified it yet? I can’t either. Please tell us where this is. Thanks.

  2. David Lunde said

    It’s looking up Fair Oaks Avenue towards the Atwood Avenue intersection.

  3. Sarah Cortes said

    The picture looks south toward lake Monona. I don’t know what the bldg rooftop in the foreground is… Isn’t there still a factory on the Southside of the street corner of the red brick bldg now occupied by a small garden center (across from Kessenich’s Restaurant Kitchen Supply)? The black rooftop visible in bottom left corner of picture appears to be Kessenich’s, still there today. The bikepath can be seen running along the train tracks and along the whole bottom of the picture.

    The big red brick building above left of center is Lowell Elementary School (my kindergarten thru 4th grade school about 1988-’93). The bldg (built sometime in mid 1990s) on the upper right of the intersection is I believe where Anonda Salon occupies (that spot was previously occupied by a beatup smaller bldg -the old Olbrich bldg?- with a tore up blacktop parking lot). Tommy Tucker Vaccum is on the bottom left of the intersection (across Atwood ave from the school) http://www.tommytuckers.com/about-us.html.
    Birrenkott Appliance Store I think is still on the NE side of the intersection across from Anonda.

    The next intersection to the right, with a smaller street (Helena maybe?) going north/down in the photo borders the edge of the KIPP factory property, still there now and many years to come. I work at the KIPP Sun Prairie location factory now.

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