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May “Celebrating East High Athletics” was just the beginning…

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on June 18, 2010

Our May 22, 2010 meeting drew a record crowd to hear about “East High Athletics, The Early Years” presented by Dave Martinson and John Olson (class of ’53), followed by reminiscences from class of ’59 teammates Pat Richter and Steve Underwood. Time permitted only a look at the early years, 1930s-1950s, so Dave and John plan to present the next “chapters” in the future. The East Side History Club thanks everyone who helped make the meeting a success. And thanks, Jean Lang, for the photos!

-Sarah White

Attendees socialized outside the auditorium before the program began...

...and took in information while seated in the auditoriums plastic "bucket seats"...

...and finally, enjoyed a few remarks from Pat Richter (left) and Steve Underwood (right).

p.s. About those “bucket seats”–the East High “Raise the Curtain” campaign is raising funds to renovate the East High theater, returning the space to its original capacity and acoustic quality, and replacing the 1970s-era plastic seats with authentic theater seats. To learn more about the campaign, visit the website http://www.easthightheater.org, or email info@easthightheater.org.


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