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Seeking Photos of Olbrich Ice Rink

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on March 26, 2010

Jean Krieg wrote us to say,

“I live on Garrison Street, across from the warming house between the hockey rink and ice skating rink (part of Olbrich park).  I was wondering if there are any old pictures of when the warming house was actually open (other than a few times a week now in the winter).  The windows on the Garrison side are all boarded up so at one time I imagine they were open and soda/popcorn/etc. was sold. It was probably a wonderful place for kids to gather. Seeing old pictures or hearing old memories would sure be great!”

Thanks, Jean Krieg

Jean, all I can offer for the moment is this photograph from the personal collection of Alice Dillman, which appeared in An East Side Album.

Friends at Olbrich skating rink, 1947. From left: Helene Birrenkott, Shirley Sigebart, Alice Dillman. Garver Feed and Supply Company (now defunct) is in the background.

The Olbrich Skating Rink, 201 Garrison Street. Photo taken in early Spring 2010 by Jean Krieg.

Do you have older photos of this building and the activities that took place here? Send them our way!

-Sarah White for the East Side History Club

One Response to “Seeking Photos of Olbrich Ice Rink”

  1. jeanbeankrieg said

    A friend I made recently grew up on Maple Street in the 70’s and offered this information:

    In the mid-1970’s the building was a warming hut for recreational skaters plus the basement was a locker room for the East High hockey team. East High hockey games were also held at this location. There was no hockey rink, but just the pond, and it extended all the way to Sugar Ave. Boards were put around the edges of the pond.

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