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Madison’s “Truck Gardener” Remembered

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on March 26, 2010

At our February meeting on “Meals and Memories,” Judy Wonn VanBlaricom asked if anyone remembered Sam “the Egg Man” aka Salvatore Renda.  Her friend Ingrid Gullickson remembered him living in a big brick house (2118 Oakridge Ave) and keeping chickens in a garage/barn in back. He sold eggs  and chickens to neighbors.  He had a tractor and plowed a vacant lot at Division & Center to grow vegetables.  He died in 1954 at age 72.  His obituary says, “He was a Madison area truck gardener for many years.”  The Madison City Directories list him as a truck gardener from 1943 – 1953.

If you have a photo of the gardens or the gardener, we’d love to see them!

-Ann Waidelich for the East Side History Club


One Response to “Madison’s “Truck Gardener” Remembered”

  1. Monya Hanson Shenkenberg said

    I do remember “Sam” and I can picture him in his blue denim coveralls. He lived down the block from 2143 Oakridge Avenue where I lived as a child in the 1940’s. He had a huge garden in his back yard, which was a very deep yard. A young teen neighbor helped him, and alerted my mother of the availability of the split and otherwise damaged tomatoes. She canned many quarts of those tomatoes and we enjoyed them for months afterwards. In those years most moms spent days slaving over hot stoves, canning many quarts of produce for the winter months. I can close my eyes and picture the many jars lined up on a shelf in the basement!

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