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Lt. Stull Event Saturday May 9th, 11am

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on May 4, 2009

An event commemorating Lt.Stull’s sacrifice, and death, will be held at 11:00 in the morning on Saturday, May 9 at the intersection of Miller Ave. and Lakeland Ave.  Peter Leidy will provide gathering music and Mark Saltzman will close us in taps.  Lt. Stull’s widow Alice Baggott , and her son Clark( who was 6 months old at the time of Lt. Stull’s death) and Mayor Dave, among others, will be there. 


To remind ourselves, Lt. Stull was in the active Air Force and was returning to Truax Field in his 102A jet in November, 1958, when he experienced engine problems approaching the airfield with Miller Ave as the guidance marker.  Rather than eject safely and have the jet crash into the neighborhood, he chose to force the jet back over Lake Monona and died in the process of trying to eject and saved untold disaster from the neighborhood.   







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  1. eastsidehistorymadison said

    See photos by Norm Lenburg taken at the dedication here:

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