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Big Game Hunting on Madison’s East Side

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on March 28, 2009


What is the connection between Madison’s East Side and Big Game Hunters? We don’t know, but we’re hot on the trail.

An anonymous donor gave the East Side History Club a photo of Dr. Carl Fosmark with several big game ‘trophies’ in his Atwood Avenue office, dated December 1958.

Our crack team of history detectives located Dr. Fosmark’s obituary:

“Dr. Carl Fosmark, 85, a family physician and big game hunter for more than 50 years died on September 21, 1994.  Dr. Fosmark, who maintained a practice at 2453 Atwood Ave. and lived at 602 South Thornton Ave. , served East Side residents from the time he earned his medical degree from the University of Minnesota in 1938 until his retirement in 1993.  His office was lined with zebra skins, the heads of antelope, water buffalo and other big game shot during hunting safaris.  In later years, he gave up hunting and began photographing the animals instead.” 

Dr. Fosmark’s office was located just up the street from the Berg-Pearson Sporting Goods store, 2123 Atwood Avenue. Bennie Berg was well-known as a big game hunter. Like Dr. Fosmark, he eventually gave up the gun for the camera.

Both men were Masons. Did they travel together on some of their adventures? Did one influence the other to switch from blood sport to photography? You tell us. Anyone with information about the East Side’s big game hunters, please contact the East Side History Club.


Dr. Fosmark with  his animals in his Atwood Avenue office

Dr. Fosmark with his animals in his Atwood Avenue office


One Response to “Big Game Hunting on Madison’s East Side”

  1. Just found this site this morning and have spent hours reminiscing. Doubt it anyone will find a comment on a 2009 post, but I grew up in the house my father built at 415 Ludington Ave. across from Lowell school. I remember Dr. Fosmark as my doctor, but wasn’t his office on the same block as the Gerhart’s Drug Store, and Liddicoat’s grocery store? Wouldn’t that have been several blocks away from the 2400 block of Atwood? Maybe 2900 block? Maybe he moved his practice or did they number the blocks funny. . . . Weinschell’s (sp?) Rennebohms and Gallager’s market were all close-by. What a great part of Madison to grow up in. Street dances and ice skating at Olbrich and the best toboggan/sledding hill in Madison! Judy (Maginnis) Kuster – now retired and living in Minnesota, but still a “Madison girl” at heart.

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