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Wish we had a website like Friends of Historic Third Lake Ridge

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on February 28, 2009

I have really enjoyed using the website of the Friends of Historic Third Lake Ridge over the years. Gary Tipler and his neighbors do a great job collecting and disseminating local history.  Gary tells me Nick Schroeder is the one to thank for finding and loading most of this information. Gary’s helped in finding collections, writing and editing.

I’ve long been jealous of their neighborhood map. You can click on any block for information: photographs, articles, oral history interviews–anything they’ve been able to collect related to a particular address. Check it out here:




I hope the East Side History Club can attract a volunteer with web programming skills to help us develop a similar search tool for our neighborhood. We’ve got lots of history collected already–wouldn’t it be great to present it in map form like the FOHTLR have done? 

-Sarah White


One Response to “Wish we had a website like Friends of Historic Third Lake Ridge”

  1. Gloria Graham said

    Thank you so much for including the Third lake Ridge neighbors information. I enjoyed going up and down the streets looking at the houses I passed on my walks to and from many familiar places; B. B. Clarke beach, Immanuel Lutheran Church and friends homes. When I found the link to the Madison Lutheran School(MLS) I was most interested as I attended school there in the 7th and 8th grades. I kept clicking and found a blog of former MLS students and have been corresponding with them and making plans to meet. There are still streets I want to look up on this wonderful blog. Thank you again for putting the site on the Eastside history blog.

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