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Sid Boyum: What a Character

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on February 8, 2009

In January 2009 East Side history enthusiasts enjoyed a screening of Gretta Wing Miller’s documentary “The Sid’s Boyum Sculpture Project” followed by discussion and previously unseen film excerpts from Gretta’s interviews with a few of Sid’s friends. Some attendees brought photos, paintings and other “Sid Memorabilia.” Cary Karabis brought a photo of Sid with the bottoms of his shoes missing, which appeared on a homemade greeting card with the slogan, “I’d walk anywhere anytime to wish anybody anything.” The undated photo was taken in the Karabis bar (now the Harmony Bar). Another photo undated brought by Cary Karabis shows Sid and laid out on the bar, with bartender George (or is this brother James?) Karabis taking the “dead” man’s pulse. Who can identify the 2 fellows at the bar?

A "dead" Sid Boyum laid out on Karabis' bar

A “dead” Sid Boyum laid out on Karabis’ bar. In the back ground: John Armstrong and Ron Brown.

"I'd walk anywhere anytime to wish anybody anything"

“I’d walk anywhere anytime to wish anybody anything”

3 Responses to “Sid Boyum: What a Character”

  1. Mike Nelson said

    Thanks for the photos. I enjoyed visiting George and Jim Karabis’ Bar occassionally in the 1960’s and 70’s with my parents and grandparents. They always had a big bird in the cage who talked. The brothers made Tom and Jerry mix at Christmastime. Also, at one point the walls were covered with their extensive beer can collection.

  2. Shirley Jorenby Chase said

    The two guys in the back ground are John Armstrong and Ron Brown.

  3. The Friends of Sid Boyum has recently organized to try to conserve Sid Boyum’s former studio and his artworks. We are working to purchase Sid’s Waubesa Street home, along with dozens of concrete sculptures in the backyard, from Dane County, who acquired the property on back taxes. To date, we’ve been able to salvage thousands of photos, many of which are now safely in the custody of the archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society. More information here: http://friendsofsidboyum.org/wp/

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